Smart solutions based on nanosilver particles

Innovative products dedicated for electrical contacts, circuits, thermal interface materials and electrically conductive surfaces.

Layers, paths and materials that provide thermal and electrical conductiveness

We create solutions based on nanosilver particles. High quality and proper application of products we make are our top priority. Therefore methods and processes we use are simple, flexible, effective, affordable and environmentally friendly. Results we obtain using nanosilver are characterized by excellent paramiters, durability and reliability.

Materials science and research

We offer professional services in many fields of material engineering. Our offer consists of research services such as material development, surface characteristics determination and their processing and modification. High-end equipment is utilized to conduct our research, which guarantees high quality of our services.
About us

Specialists in fields such as material engineering, electronics, energy, nanotechnology, and photovoltaics.

Experienced team of engineers
Innovation on a global scale
R&D and manufacturing lab
Made in Poland