Electrical contacts production technology

Nanometarials such as silver powders containing particles smaller than 100nm are characterized by new, unique physicochemical properties – mechanical, optical, electrical, magnetic or even catalytic. Such occurence is achieved by quantum effects and a high proportion of surface atoms, resulting in high reactivity.

The SilverCon paint is an innovative and first of its kind product that allows for thermal application of silver layers on aluminium – a process that acts as a superior alternative to classic silver plating. The simplicity of the process and high quality of obtained results opens a lot of possibilities for energy sector manufacturers. It also provides lower production costs and in contrary to oldschool silver plating imposes no threat to natural environment. Thanks to its flexibility, the process can be conducted on site, without unnecessary

Obtained layer is durable and persitent.
Low contact resistance.
Corrosion resitant.
Flexible choice of application and sintering methods
Possibility of adjustment according to customer needs.
Effectiveness and environmental neutrality.

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Products: pastes, inks
Materials: copper, aluminium

Stage 1

Nanoszenie kompozytu

The composite can be applied selectively or to the whole surface with every method, depending on customer needs.
Dip coating

Stage 2

Spiekanie warstwy

After succesful application the layer is sintered with prefered method, depending on the scale and specific requirements of the order.
Lampa IR

Obtained layer

As a result the surface is covered with high-quality coating that has defined characteristics and properties.

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