Surface protection

We apply nanosilver-based layers, which unique properties provide protection for materials. Coated surfaces are characterized by corrosion and damage resistance. Our technology also allows for surface conductivity. The process is simple and flexible, and the application itself can be selective.

Corrosion protection.
Durable and persistent layer
Flexible choice of application and sintering methods.
Possibility of adjustment according to customer needs.
Effectiveness and environmental neutrality

Get to know our process

Products: paints, pastes, inks
Materials: copper, aluminium, thermosensitive materials, ceramics

Stage 1

Nanoszenie kompozytu

The composite can be applied partially or to the whole surface using any available method, according to customer needs.
Dowolna metoda

Stage 2

Spiekanie warstwy

After succesful application the layer is sintered with prefered method, depending on the scale and specific requirements of the order.
Lampa IR

Obtained layer

As a result the surface is covered with high-quality coating that has defined characteristics and properties.

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